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Speed and Traffic Calming

Speeding has become an issue and the anticipated cut through traffic due to construction has become a top concern for residents Neighborhood concerns generally relate to . excessive speed, pedestrian (especially school children) and bicycle safety, cut-through traffic, potential accidents and general quality of life issues.

As construction picks up, we are going to see more and more cut through traffic, which without taking preventative steps can become hazardous and dangerous to residents. We have had several close calls, especially on Cynthia Lane which serves as the main cut through for Firetower Rd traffic and along Chatham Forest Drive where residents have complained about the danger of backing their cars out of their driveways when oncoming cars are speeding.

Chris DiGiovanna is heading up the effort to get the speed limit signs approved and placed. Expect to see 25 MPH signs soon. Stop signs will follow, creating 4 way stops to help slow traffic and make for a safer neighborhood for pedestrians and drivers alike.

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