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Be a good neighbor - Clean up after your pet

Its just common courtesy - pick up after your pet.

This is becoming such a problem, that we actually have to install signs to tell adults and children, who are deemed responsible enough to walk their dog, to pick up their dog's poop.

So, we have done so. Poop signs will be

going up. Initially, the signs will have bags to help people get in the habit of picking up their dog's waste. Hopefully, the bags will not be necessary as pet owners will remember to bring their own bags and we will not have to continue to incur the expense of providing bags. While the bags are a courtesy and a convenience, the signs are what is important. They have been placed in areas where they will be seen by the most residents and be convenient for obtaining a bag should someone need one. Hopefully now that the signs are up, no one will leave for a doggy walk without bags.

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